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1440: The Secret to A Successful Year - Part IV

1. Ecclesiastes 7:12 says wisdom and money are a defense. When we are in a good mindset toward money, we can save enough money to protect ourselves against unforeseen expenses. Saving money can be a defense against mayhem (shoutout to Allstate), while not having it can leave you vulnerable. Almost like not having a front door to your home. Having a budget goes a long way toward building up your defenses. If you are in the habit of budgeting, do you stick to your budget? If you are not in the habit of budgeting, what is keeping you from making one?

2. Some of us have fallen for the myth that if we continue to mismanage the things God has blessed us with, He will only give us more. But while he is full of grace and quick to forgive, we can’t assume God will continue to allow us the same access to these resources if we continue to mismanage them. What are some ways you’re not managing your money well? How could you grow in this area over the next month?

3. The mission of money is to support the Kingdom through the resources God has given us. How are you using the financial resources God has blessed you with to help the Kingdom of God? Is it the best you can do?

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