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1440: The Secret to A Successful Year - Part III

1. Excus-itis is the behavior of a person that finds all sorts of excuses to justify their poor performance and results or lack of action. God has a special calling for each one of us. Some of us are walking in what He has for us, but most of us are probably not following His leading as well as we can. We’ve created excuses to allow us to live how we please and not how God would have us live. Take some time to sit still and let God reveal an area that He's trying to work in your life. What excuses are keeping you from moving towards that?

2. In Luke 14:16-20 we see some people invited to a banquet create excuses as to why they were not available for the festivities. A new field (material itis), new oxen (work-itis), and a newlywed (marriage-itis) kept them away from their blessing. But these aren’t the only variances of the “excusitis” disease Pastor Randy mentioned. There’s lazy itis, slow itis, tired itis, procrastinitis, age itis, health itis, intellect itis, fear itis, and unbelief-itis. Which variance of excuse-itis do you struggle with the most? What or who do you think could help vaccinate you against this disease?

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Faith Nmn
Faith Nmn
Jan 31, 2023

Thanks for this time of reflection. Not that this is one Pastor mentioned specifically but I think I've been dealing with "stuck-itis". I've been so stuck in how I functioned in my old situation that I haven't quite learned to function well in my new one.

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